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The Unitech Group traces its origins back to 1991 when Wednesbury Catering Equipment Ltd, operating out of a modest 20×10 portacabin in Wednesbury, West Midlands, embarked on its entrepreneurial journey. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially and evolved into the thriving corporate entity it is today, occupying extensive manufacturing facilities across the UK.

In 1992, Wednesbury Catering Equipment relocated to Aldridge, West Midlands, where it merged with Universal Technical Products Ltd to form Unitech, later rebranded as Unitech Engineering Ltd. This strategic move set the stage for the company’s future expansion.

The directors of Unitech were determined to broaden their horizons, leading to the relocation of Unitech Engineering to Brownhills, West Midlands in 1996. Two years later, in 1998, the company ventured into the conveyors division, thus diversifying its offerings beyond basic stainless-steel fabrication.

In a fortuitous turn of events between July and September 2001, Unitech seized the opportunity presented by the closure of Technopak, acquiring approximately 30 highly skilled personnel. This influx of talent facilitated significant growth for Unitech. They established a washers’ division and allowed the conveyor division to explore more advanced conveyor systems, including high-speed canning and automation solutions.

With expanding operations, Unitech recognized the need for increased manufacturing space. This requirement was fulfilled by the relocation to Burntwood, West Midlands, which offered a 70,000-sq. ft. factory premises previously utilized by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd for spare parts manufacturing and storage. This move also involved the integration of Burntwood Spray Booths, Mindon Ovens, and Orion Packaging into a consolidated entity known as Unitech Machinery.

The acquisition of Scottish catering equipment manufacturer Scobie McIntosh in January 2009 marked a pivotal moment for Unitech, as it laid the foundation for the formation of the Unitech Group’s subsidiary, ScoMac Catering Equipment. This strategic addition enabled the Unitech Group to provide comprehensive services, ranging from Custom Foodservice & Commercial Catering Solutions to heavy stainless steel plant offerings.

From late 2009 to 2012, the Unitech Group continued to expand its business portfolio through a series of strategic acquisitions:

  • October 2009: Welequip (Reopened as ScoMac Cambridge Sales Office)
  • June 2010: Corsair Engineering
  • December 2011: Driver Southall
  • March 2012: AMI Blaymires (Reopened as Unitech Blaymires)
  • September 2012: HM Steeltech
  • November 2012: Stellex Manufacturing
  • November 2012: Valera

In 2017, the Unitech Group introduced two additional businesses that synergistically complemented its existing operations:

  • July 2017: Smart Balustrades
  • September 2017: StellVet

The most recent additions to the Unitech Group include:

  • September 2017: Francis Catering (Reopened as Francis Commercial Kitchen Services)
  • April 2018: Crosbys (Reopened as Crosbys Catering Supplies Ltd)
  • Court Catering Equipment
  • Pennine Refrigeration Services

These strategic expansions and acquisitions have positioned the Unitech Group as a formidable force in the corporate landscape, catering to a wide range of industries and offering an extensive portfolio of products and services.

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