Workforce Protection

Workforce Protection

Our Human Resources Department works with managers and their teams, individual employees, and with the community to ensure we have the most effective policies and practices that treat our employees with respect while keeping to company employment policy and employment law.

Without our dedicated workforce, we would not be able to operate, that is why here at Unitech we understand that every employee needs to feel they are in a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Therefore, the group HR team apply every part of their experience and knowledge to ensure staff are given the right tools and training to operate to their maximum potential.

We pride ourselves on are ability to provide a safe, healthy, and secure working atmosphere.


Please see a sample of our workforce protection policies below.

U.I-148 Gender Reassignment Policy and Procedure

U.I-151 Dignity at Work Policy

U.I-152 Whistleblowing Policy

U.I-192 Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy

U.I-195 Young People in the Workplace

Unitech Industries Health and Safety Policy Statement


Contact the group HR department with any queries.


Please note policies may not be the newest version – Contact the team for the latest copy.

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